Sunday, 8 April 2012


I have been away, for reasons I hope to explain in a future blog post. For now, though....

I recently went to a Sunday League football match. A friend is the team's coach, and another friend the team's rock at centre half. I took a few snaps on my iPhone, and had a play with them. Our team won 3-0, and won the league. A good day.


  1. You don't blog for ages and then you come back with a name change?

    Been away for a while, which means either
    Witness protection program (which might explain the name change)

    I was looking at the pictures in your last post back in November - the App makes London look like a model village...

  2. Sadly the answer is far more mundane - things got a bit "interesting" at work. Perhaps some day I'll be able to blog about that too.